Burnt Pine

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Burnt Pine, Norfolk Island: The Island's Commercial Heart

Geography and Location: Burnt Pine is the main settlement and commercial hub of Norfolk Island, a small island territory located in the South Pacific Ocean. Norfolk Island is situated approximately 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) east of mainland Australia and 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) northwest of New Zealand.

History: Burnt Pine, like the rest of Norfolk Island, has a rich history. It was originally settled by Polynesians around the 14th century, later discovered by Europeans, and was used as a British penal colony in the 19th century. Today, it's a peaceful and picturesque town.

Town Layout: Burnt Pine serves as the primary residential and commercial area on Norfolk Island. It is nestled in the center of the island and is known for its pleasant, tree-lined streets, making it a charming place to explore.


Burnt Pine, Norfolk Island: Gateway to Island Adventure

Discover how Burnt Pine, the island's bustling heart, serves as the perfect starting point for exploring Norfolk Island's unique attractions.

Economic Activities: The town of Burnt Pine is the economic heart of Norfolk Island. It houses most of the island's shops, restaurants, and businesses. Visitors can find a variety of goods, including souvenirs, local crafts, and duty-free items.

Shopping and Dining: Burnt Pine offers a range of shopping and dining options. There are local boutiques, markets, and eateries where you can sample Norfolk Island's cuisine, including dishes featuring fresh seafood and island-grown produce.

Natural Beauty: Despite its commercial activity, Burnt Pine is surrounded by the natural beauty of Norfolk Island. The island is renowned for its lush green landscapes, towering Norfolk Island pines, and pristine beaches.


Tourism: Tourists often use Burnt Pine as a base for exploring Norfolk Island. Popular attractions include Emily Bay, Kingston, Norfolk Island National Park, and the historical sites associated with the island's convict past.

Culture and Community: Burnt Pine is home to a friendly and close-knit community. The islanders take pride in their unique culture, which is influenced by the island's history and Polynesian heritage.

Transportation: Burnt Pine is well-connected to Norfolk Island's airport, Norfolk Island Airport. The town is compact and easily navigable on foot, but rental cars are available for those who want to explore the island further.


Sustainability and Conservation: Norfolk Island places a strong emphasis on environmental conservation and sustainable practices, preserving the island's unique ecosystems.

In summary, Burnt Pine, Norfolk Island, is a delightful town that serves as the bustling commercial center of this picturesque South Pacific island. It offers a harmonious blend of economic activity, natural beauty, and a welcoming community, making it an ideal starting point for exploring Norfolk Island's rich history and stunning landscapes.